20 Creative Recycling Wood Pallet To Inspire You

Do you have unused wood pallets? Don’t let you just throw it away! With a little creativity, you can turn used pallet wood into a variety of chic home furnishings. Besides being more valuable to sell, you can use your own furniture from recycled wood pallets to fill your home. Wooden pallets can also be polished and refused to be a variety of beautiful ornaments!

The use of wood pallets as furniture and decoration ornaments is one of the best alternatives for you who want a house with a unique impression and other than usual. Of course, you are curious about what wood can be transformed into anything?

Recycling Wood Pallet
Recycling Wood Pallet

1. Change into Swing Bed or Bed

Almost the same as the process of making swings, recycling wood pallets into hanging beds, aka swing beds can be done by unifying the wood palette horizontally in accordance with the area you want. After that hook the four corners with the mine or iron chain to hang on the roof truss beam of the room. Then put your mattress on a wooden pallet that has been hung.

01 Wonderful Pallet Furniture
Wonderful Pallet Furniture
01 Pallet Swing Design
Pallet Swing Design
01 Pallet Swing Bed DIY
Pallet Swing Bed DIY
01 DIY Pallet Swing Ideas
DIY Pallet Swing Ideas
01 Breathtaking Pallet Swing
Breathtaking Pallet Swing

2. More Artistic Space with Hanging Ceiling from Kayu Palet

Hanging ceilings usually consist of panels made from gypsum which are hung on an iron frame. Well, it doesn’t hurt you to replace the panel material with wood pallets. In addition to adding an artistic impression to the room, wooden pallets that are installed as suspended ceilings can also cover a variety of mechanical installations on the ceiling of the house such as pipes and electrical cables.

02 Wooden Pallet Wall Remodeling
Wooden Pallet Wall Remodeling
02 Reycled Pallet Wood Ceiling
Recycled Pallet Wood Ceiling
02 Pallet Ceiling
Pallet Ceiling
02 Best Ideas about Pallet
Best Ideas about Pallet
02 Best Ideas about Pallet Ceiling
Best Ideas about Pallet Ceiling

3. Become a Couch at the Head of the Board

This one-piece recycled wood palette creation is quite simple. You just have to stack horizontally two to three layers of wood pallets as a place to put the mattress. For the area, you can adjust the size of your bed or bedroom.

03 Wood Pallet Headboard with Lights
Wood Pallet Headboard with Lights
03 Reycled DIY Pallet Headboard
Recycled DIY Pallet Headboard
03 Pallet Furniture
Pallet Furniture
03 Best Ideas about Pallet Headboards
Best Ideas about Pallet Headboards
03 Awesome Pallet Wooden Furniture
Awesome Pallet Wooden Furniture

4. Transformed into a Rustic-style Sofa

You can arrange the palette wood horizontally for the holder. As for the backrest and arm of the sofa, you can arrange the wooden pallets vertically. The three parts stay together and given a bearing for the seat and back. To create a rustic impression, you don’t need to paint the wood palette too much.

04 Wooden Couch With Cushions
Wooden Couch With Cushions
04 Unique DIY Pallet Sofa
Unique DIY Pallet Sofa
04 Top Unique DIY Pallet Sofa
Top Unique DIY Pallet Sofa
04 DIY Pallet Furniture
DIY Pallet Furniture
04 Awesome DIY Ideas
Awesome DIY Ideas

Those are some beautiful and useful recycled wood palette creative ideas to decorate and use in your home.